Commission Puts Priority on Citizen Input

Jefferson County Commissioners approved a motion on Monday, April 17, 2017 that sends a recommendation to the Jefferson County Industrial Development assuring that residents will have more input into projects that are initiated by the Jefferson County Industrial Development Board. In a motion presented by Commissioner David Seal and 2nd by Commissioner McGraw (with amendments by consent) Resolution 2017-20 recommending the Industrial Development Board hold public meetings to receive input on projects was approved on a 15-3 vote (Tabor, Tim Seals, Tucker). The motion answered an ongoing request for more diversification in the bid for economic development in Jefferson County which has been highlighted by the appearance of citizens at recent County Commission meetings. While Commissioners expressed their appreciation at the transparency that was a part of the recent defunct proposal brought by the Industrial Development Board, the overall tone suggested an interest in the public having a voice in steering the path of economic development. Another motion concerning Industrial and Economic Development Planning brought by Commissioner Turner was postponed until June on a motion from Commissioner Dockery and 2nd from Commissioner Scarlett. Additionally, an informal request for a directional meeting, with public input, of the Jefferson County Commission, the Economic Development Alliance, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson County Mayor’s Office and the Jefferson County Industrial Development Board will be passed along via County Commission Chairman Carmichael and some of the entities listed will be charged with hosting Town Hall forums to garner more citizen input.

Under New Business the County Commission, with a motion from D. Seal and 2nd from Commissioner Scarlett, approved a rezoning request for property on Chestnut Hill Road in Dandridge from A-1 to R-R. Several items of general housekeeping also found favor with the Commission including surplus items, general County and School budget amendments( line item adjustments), a proposal from TDOT for SR 92 Bridge over Muddy Creek, as well as financial updates.

The Jefferson County Commission will not have a regular meeting in the month of May. The Budget Committee will continue to meet to address the proposed fiscal year 2017/18 budget document.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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