Mayor Vetos Public Input Resolution

Jefferson County Mayor Palmieri has exercised his veto power on a recent resolution of the Jefferson County Commission that recommended the Jefferson County Industrial Development Board consider holding public meetings to receive public input on development projects. Resolution 2017-20 was passed Monday evening, April 17, 2017 at the Regular Voting Meeting of the Jefferson County Commission. Of the eighteen members of the County Commission present, fifteen voted in favor of the resolution with three, Commissioners Tabor, Tim Seals and Tucker, voting against the resolution.

Jefferson County Commission Chairman Jim Carmichael stated Wednesday, April 19, 2017 that the Mayor delivered the veto to the Commission office shortly after lunch. In his veto Mayor Palmieri stated that the Industrial Development Board is its own entity and, therefore, the resolution was overstepping by the County Commission because, “it is an attempt by County Commission to control, manage and supervise the IDB.” The veto also contends that the County Commission is a legislative, not a supervising, body. Chairman Carmichael said, “This cannot be more than just a petty political play. There is nothing in this resolution that would reasonably subject it to a veto. It was a recommendation for the Industrial Development Board to consider, that is all. And, the intent was to encourage public participation in the process as decisions are made about the direction of Jefferson County. How does that warrant a veto?”

Resolution 2017-20 was penned and moved by Commissioner David Seal. His motion was 2nd by Commissioner Scarlett. Chairman Carmichael said that the veto will be an item on the agenda for the next County Commission meeting.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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