Quick Tips for Choosing Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is quickly approaching! Over the course of the next month, millions of students around the nation will walk across the stage to receive a diploma at high schools and colleges. If they are heading off to university in the fall, or hoping to land that huge job interview, here are a few gift ideas for upcoming graduates.

Graduation is especially an exciting time for high school graduates. Here they are on the cusp of adulthood and being alone for the first time on campus or entering the workforce. There’s a variety of gifts that can mean a great deal for graduating high school students. Some experts recommend offering the graduate plain and simple cash. This may seem impersonal, but it is much needed. For those going into the work force, cash can pay for rent, gas, and a much-needed professional wardrobe. Those going the college route may wish to use their cash on textbooks, general university expenses, and food.

Another great gift for high school grads is a monthly subscription to a music or TV streaming service. This seemingly small gift can help grads de-stress during down time. Giving them this gift of watching their favorite shows and listening to their favorite artists can help bring relief from the pressures of the day. It may also be a valuable tool for some college class assignments.

A unique gift might also be a classic board game. This old fashioned gift may bring some nostalgia for a simpler time in their life. A game is also a way for grads to have some great memories with friends, and can even be a conversation starter on a stormy day. Graduates also might enjoy a ticket on some event or activity they like to do. This may include a concert ticket with their friends or a pass to the spa.

You may also wish to go more on the side of gag gifts for your favorite graduate. Amazon is offering the Rapid Ramen Cooker. This machine is exactly what is sounds like: a serious piece of kitchenware that cooks everyone’s favorite noodles in three minutes flat. The device comes in either black or red. You may also wish to give the gift of graduation themed ice-cream. Ecreamery is home of such flavors as Sweetest Congrats Grad, Class of 2017, Bravo Bites, and Recipe for Success.

Gifts for college graduates tend to be a bit more serious, as most people end up trying to help their favorite grads enter the real world. A simple idea would be a gift card. Again this may seem impersonal, but for those trying to make it on their own even the tiniest bit helps to get a cup of coffee or some gas. Inspirational books are also available on all topics from doing your own laundry to making the most out of your twenties. A tool kit is another useful gift for college graduates. Give them the gift of independence as they fix their own household mishaps. Travel essentials might also be helpful, as some graduates want to explore the world before entering into the nine-to-five shuffle. Interview clothes round out the list, as you give your favorite grad the essential tools to help put their degree to use.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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