PUBLIC NOTICE – Jefferson County Special Session Meeting, May 22, 2017


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all County Commissioners and residents of Jefferson County, Tennessee, and to all other persons who might be in-terested, that the Jefferson County Commission will meet in Special Session for an open, public meeting on Monday, May 22, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Courtroom of the Jefferson County Courthouse, 202 W. Main St., Dandridge, Tennessee. Chairman Carmichael has called the Special Session upon written application by a majority of the members for the following purpose:

1.  To override the County Mayor’s veto on Resolution 2017-20, A Resolution Recommending the Industrial Development Board of Jefferson County, Tennessee, Hold Public Meetings to Receive Public Input on Development Projects;

2.  To approve the Personnel Committee’s recommendation for hire to fill the vacancy in the Veterans Service Officer position;

3.  To approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation to keep the surety bonds in place and to consider converting to the insurance replacement option for elected officials as their terms expire per T.C.A. § 8-19-101 and as recommended by CTAS;

4.  To approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation in Resolution 2017-19 to increase the threshold amount for requiring public advertisement and competitive bidding from $10,000 to $25,000 as allowed in T.C.A. § 12-3-1212;

5.  To approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation for Jefferson County employees receiving health care insurance through the county to remain in the State of Tennessee Health Insurance Program;

6.  To approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation to approve the Jefferson County Debt Management Policy with no changes;

7.  To take action on county and school budget amendments; and

8.  To take action on resolutions from the Sheriff’s Department and Election Commission to declare equipment surplus and dispose of said equipment

THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Open Meetings Act (Sunshine Law) found in T.C.A. § 8-44-101 et seq.

Jimmy Carmichael
Commission Chairman
District 9 County Commissioner

05/11/2017 – 05/22/2017

Jefferson Farmers Co-op 08112014

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