Black Bear Sightings In Jefferson County

Recently, several Black Bear reports have been received by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) in Jefferson County. Dumplin Valley Road, C.H. Rankin, Swann’s Marina, and even the Danridge Golf Course have been some of the locations reported according to TWRA Officer Wayne Rich.

If you are experiencing a problem with a bear, call TWRA at 1-800-332-0900. “Just because you see a Black Bear, doesn’t mean it is a problem” says Rich. “Jefferson County has a resident population of bears and many non-residents pass through each year. This could be a very good year for bears, as this past Winter was mild and the food sources are plentiful.”

Caution should be exercised however. Do not approach a bear or cubs if you happen to see them. Keep trash cans inside as well as pet food. If you have spotted a bear in your area, you should make noise when going outside especially at night so you don’t surprise the animal. A mother bear with cubs can be dangerous if she feels she or her cubs are threatened. After a few days, they should pass on through.

Source: J. Depew, Editor

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