Jefferson County School District and Emergency Responders Plan Functional Exercise at Jefferson County High School – May 24

The Jefferson County School District and Jefferson County Emergency response agencies are conducting a full-scale, functional exercise at the Jefferson County High School on May 24, 2017. The drill will begin at approximately 8:30 AM and conclude by 12:00 PM. The drill will include realistic emergency responder response to a simulated emergency situation at the school during the school day.

Although school will be in session during the exercise, students will be “locked down” and allowed to function in classrooms but will not be allowed to change classes until after the exercise is complete. Various Jefferson County emergency responders will be participating in the exercise, which completes an exercise plan that included planning meetings, a tabletop exercise and the functional drill.

Parents, family and community members are asked not to be alarmed at the large number of emergency responders around the school on the drill day. Further, the training may involve simulated gunfire or smoke by a non-toxic smoke machine, simulated response by responders and simulated patients in the area of the school campus. No live ammunition will be used during the exercise.