Jefferson County High School Celebrates Outgoing Seniors With Honors Night

Community Service Award recipients Angy Wang, Ashlin Thomas and Miranda Batson

Mark Pettit, Manager of Jefferson Farmers Co-Op in Dandridge, recipient of Community Patriot Award, presented by Randy Rogers

Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award recipients Stone Stephens and Kaylee Tollefson, presented by Staff Sargeant Alejandro Moreno

US Marines Award for Academics recipients Jonathan Royster and Chloe Hodge

US Marines Award for Athletics recipients Tucker Seay and Julia Codispoti

US Marine Award for Music recipient Justin Willingham

Army ROTC Scholarship from Virginia Military Institute recipient Xavier Rodriguez, presented by Lieutenant Colonel Steven Howe

University of Tennessee Army ROTC Scholarship recipient Alyse Perdue, presented by Lee Dalton

US Navy Scholarship recipient Jonathan Royster presented by Ensign Warren, Naval ROTC

United States Military Academy at West Point Appointment Stone Stephens, presented by Lieutenant Colonel Greg Stephens

AP Scholar with Honors Award recipients Abby McCurry and Heather Sexton

AP Scholar with Distinction Award recipients Hailee Hixon, Luke Kindred, and Stone Stephens

Integrity Award recipients Shelby Dollar, Emily Dollar, Alyse Perdue, Kyle Nabe, Kaylee Tollefson, Erin Bacon, Reagan Willis, Treyson Mills, Julia Codispoti, Ashleigh Beeler, Levi Parks, David Garber, Pierce Morgan, Bryson Jurek, Jonathan Royster, Reagan Berry, Carlos Gaytan, Ashtyn Fritz, Makaila Woolard, and Alexandria Alder (Continued)

Integrity Award recipients Shelby Dollar, Emily Dollar, Alyse Perdue, Kyle Nabe, Kaylee Tollefson, Erin Bacon, Reagan Willis, Treyson Mills, Julia Codispoti, Ashleigh Beeler, Levi Parks, David Garber, Pierce Morgan, Bryson Jurek, Jonathan Royster, Reagan Berry, Carlos Gaytan, Ashtyn Fritz, Makaila Woolard, and Alexandria Alder (Continued)

Perfect Attendance Award recipients Jonathan Anderson, Alondra Arreola, Michael Burross, Abby McCurry, Harley Mullins, Min-Jae Park, Alyse Perdue, and Jacob Wright

Jeff Thompson Award recipient Dakota Moungey

VFW Post 3380 from Dandridge recognizes Army JROTC Cadets Alyse Purdue and Stone Stephens, presented by Major Russell Turner

Lowell Luther Woods Endowed Scholarship recipients Haley Jones, Tyler Corum, Rachel Hickey, McKenna Alexander, and Angy Wang, presented by Lowell Woods and Stacy Arnold

Rachel Fetzer Memorial Scholarship recipient Cassidy Wilder, presented by Ann Marie Stills and Sherry Fetzer

Hollie McGhee recipient of Jefferson County Fair Association Scholarship, presented by Sharon Ward

White Pine Lions Club Scholarship recipient Shelby Dollar and Levi Parks, Presented by Ann Strom

William Ledgerwood Memorial Scholarship Recipients Murphy McMillian and Tara Linder with Vera and Jake Reneau and Moira Ledgerwood

Jefferson County Kiwanis Club Scholarship Recipient Pierce Morgan

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Recipients Ashton Fritz and Bryce Bissell with Derrick Collins

Dandridge Lions Club Scholarship Recipients Miranda Batson, McKenna Alezander, Mckenzie Lane, and Julia Codispoti

Dandridge Ministerial Association Scholarship Recipients Greta Linley, Elizabeth McCormick, Tyler Corum, and Austin Kirkpatrick with John Wilson

UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Scholarship Recipients Emma Graf and Erin Bacon with John Stier

ETSU Scholarship Recipients Alahondra Arreola, Sadie Bales, Bay Ballew, Trystan Beach, Mina Blaylock

ETSU Scholarship Recipients Zachary Bryant, Cody Carr, Mackenzie Cureton, Sidney Fritz, Sawer Hager

ETSU Scholarship Recipients Daniel Hipsher, Kailee Hixon, Luke Kindred, Andrew Loy, Abby McCurry, Ashley McSpadden, Amanda Oler, Bailey O'quinn

ETSU Scholarship Recipients Ashley Sexton, Bryson Sexton, Wesley Shesler, Aria Skyler, Kaylee Tollefson, Trevor Whitley, Jacob Wright, Jenna Brewer

Carson Newman Scholarship Recipients Jessicka Bellew, Ashley Elmore, Daniel Kesterson, McKenzie Lane, Greta Linsley, Olivia Music, Lauren Scearce, and Casey Swartz

Carson Newman Opportunity and Theatre Scholarship Recipient Alan Hackley

Carson Newman University Presidential and Baseball Scholarship Recipient Matthew Bradley with Kate Amburn

WSCC Scholarship Recipients Jenna Brewer, Trystan Beach, Bay Ballew, Emily Dollar, Haley Jones, Matthew Bradley

WSCC Scholarship Recipients Victoria Mullins, Mina Blaylock, Raegan Willis, Tara Thompson, Tara Linder, Jonathan Royster

WSCC Scholarship Recipients Seth Grahm, Makalya Stuart, Nicholas Britt, Ezekiel Bradley, Mackenzie Cureton, Dylan Lewis, Christina Garcia- Morales, Pierce Morgan, Shelby Dollar

Walters State Dual Enrollment Award Recipients Aslin Thomas, Brittney McGhee, Kylie Shelton, Kelley Smith, Kayla Fielden, Miranda Batson, Shelby Dollar, Josh Keck, Matthew Smith

Walters State Music Award Recipients Katie Bettis and Amanda Sendall

Paul Peoples Foundation Award Recipient Alec Ryon

LMU Scholarship Recipients Kyle Nabe and Heather Sexton with Sean Long

MTSU True Blue Scholarship Recipient Halania Pettit

Brazelton Masonic Lodge of Dandridge Scholarship Recipients Stephanie Carr, Elizabeth Cain, Jose Zapata, and Abby McCurry with Dave Hess, Jim Dunn, and Kevin Poe

White Pine Masonic Loge Scholarship Recipients Emily Vick, Molly Holdway, and Dylan Lewis

Josh Bullington Memorial Scholarship Recipient Jose Zapata

Fraternal Order Police Lodge # 61 Scholarship Recipients Kierra England and Matthew Sikes with Jim Potts

Rabenstien Memorial Scholarship Recipient Destiny Roberts, Louis Vesser Memorial Scholarship Recipient Chloe Hodge, and Sarah Elizabeth Rogers Memorial Scholarship Recipient Mackenzie Lane

Jefferson County Historical Society Scholarship Recipient Luke Kindred with Patsy Berry

Leroy Shannon Memorial Scholarship Recipient Tucker Seay With Craig Kisabeth and Linda Shannon

Margaret Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Recipient Cassie Worley

New Market Masonic Lodge Scholarship Recipients Haley Jones and Elizabeth Cain with Presenter Jared Box

Hugh J Messer Memorial Scholarship Recipient Erin Bacon and Presenter Jay Moser

U.S. Navy Presented Micah Zerbach With a Contract to Become a Rescue Swimmer, Presented by Robert Koontz

Outstanding Automotive Student Jackie Clark and Outstanding Criminal Justice Student Matthew Sikes

Outstanding Digital Imaging III Student Jessicka Bellew and Outstanding Senior Health Occupation Student Makenzi Lamb

Outstanding Senior Marketing Student Megan Martin With Ron Howard

Outstanding Technology Education Student Tyler Corum

Outstanding Criminal Justice Student Matthew Sikes with Jim Potts

Outstanding Business Student Veronica Creel

John Phillip Sousa Award Recipient Levi Parks, V Senior Choral Student Award Amanda Sendall and Jona Stokes, Choral Music Student of the Year Kay Bettis, Outstanding AP Music Theory Student Tyler Johnson

Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Student Elizabeth Young with Annette Stooksburry

Outstanding AP Studio Arts Student Emily Dollar with Vic Nicely

Outstanding Senior Spanish Student David Garber, Outstanding Senior French Student Trey Tucker, and Outstanding Senior AP German Student Kaylee Tollefson With Phillip Easterly

Alan Hachey, Recipient of the Blakely Cameron Performing Arts Award, Drama II Outstanding Student Matthew Stallings, and Best Actor Alan Hachey With Adviser Bryan McCampbell

Outstanding Forensics Students Alan Hachey, Matthew Stallings, Jonah Stokes with adviser Bryan McCampbell

Outstanding Senior Yearbook Students Mina Blaylock and Greta Lindsley

Outstanding AP Statistics Student Trevor Whitley and Outstanding Honors Pre-Cal Student Kaylee Tollefson

Outstanding AP Statistics Student Min-Jae Park and Outstanding Senior Mathematics Student David Garber

Outstanding JROTC Senior Students Stone Stephens and Alyse Perdue

Outstanding AP English 12 Students Chloe Hodge and Stone Stephens

Outstanding AP Physics and Outstanding AP Calculus Student Stone Stephens

Outstanding Physical Education Student Allee West

Outanding AP Biology Student Nicholas Britt, Outstanding Honors Physics I Student Ezekiel Bradley, Outstanding Science Student Trey Tucker

Oustanding AP Comparative Government and Macroeconomics Student Trey Tucker, Outstanding AP U.S. Government Student Luke Kindred, and Outstanding AP European History Student Daniel Hipsher and Maggie Pettit

Winner of the Honor Roll Drawing for Dell Computer Donated By JCHS Technology Department Miranda Batson

JCHS Students of the Year Chloe Hodge and Stone Stephens

May the 16th was a bittersweet day for Jefferson County High School Seniors, as it was the last official day of school for them.  That night, a celebration of the top scholars took place at Carson Newman University.  The best of the 451 future graduates were honored with dozens of awards and scholarships, and it was their time to shine.

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