Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming! The day to celebrate our love for our fathers. If you celebrate with your father, or the father of your children, you will make memories. And if your special father was not with you, then you will be remembering. Maybe you will make memories and remember. That is where I find myself on Father’s Day. I celebrate with the father of my children, remembering with him, when the children were younger, and I think of my father. Amazingly, it was like “deja vu.”

As always, the day will start off with a bounce in the bed and squeals of joy, as the “honored one” is roughly awakened. This is always a favorite holiday, to honor dad. Much time goes into preparing for the special day. Cards are made, gifts made or bought, and a very special breakfast planned. So many hours are spent preparing. When the day finally arrives, the kids will be in overload, jazzed on adrenalin… thus the morning rush! The gifts are always handpicked by the kids, with a little help from an adult, when needed. Dad’s job is to act surprised (even if he saw it being made). Oh, yes, and to pretend he knows what it is, even if he really doesn’t.

With the kids grown and with children of their own, things have changed a little, but not much. No more jumping on our bed (now they get the adrenalin attack). And they get the breakfast, the handmade card and gift, or special purchased gift. They act surprised, and would never dream of asking what it is! They share the joy, and reap the hugs and kisses (as it should be). My husband is still remembered with food, a visit, a purchased card and gift, a wonderful hug, and, yes a handmade card from the “grand”… grandchildren!

And, when I remember my dad, I have the same wonderful memories of the Father’s Days spent with him. The excitement, making the right card and the right gift, planning breakfast, and proudly picking and wearing my pink rose to church (to honor him). I felt so proud of the card, gift and food. And… he always knew just what was on my card, and never failed to like my gift. If that wasn’t enough love, he never complained about the food!

Wow, what wonderful memories. I hope yours are as good as mine!

Source: K. P. Guessen