The Pounding of the Hooves

editorial-logo3In what universe is it even a consideration, little alone appropriate, to back your convictions up with violence? I am not talking about acts of war that, hopefully, are brought on with much consideration and thought for the greater good. I am talking about the average Joe on the street. You know, the one who most likely doesn’t even know who his local representatives are, forget about anything on the state or national level. What he does know is that they are practicing baseball and he know how to load a gun. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way blaming violence on guns or gun owners. As we are well aware, violence can happen with a car, truck, backpack loaded with nails or an airplane. It can happen with a box cutter or a kitchen knife. It doesn’t require a gun. What it does require, in the most recent cases of political assault, is a bend in the make up of the individual, and often that bend, that kink in the chain, is inflamed by those that ought to know better.

When those that lead in various capacities believe that it is okay to hate the individual and not just reject the idea, this is what society degrades to quickly. We have Senators and members of the House of Representatives calling names and adding powder to the explosive situation of our Country, the very Country that they are supposed to defend and lead. We have movie stars and comedians that undulate the average crazy guy with political hate every night. The political bashing has long since lost its humorous impact, and now it is as much propaganda as you will find in any communist or third world country.

And then there are the captains of this sinking ship, the mainstream news media. The world is full of crazy people, and the mainstream news outlets pander to the nut jobs. You know, the ones that talk to the television and expect it to talk back. The mainstream news media outlets are the current vehicle for hate. For those that keep up with such things and are expecting the four horsemen of the Apocalypse any day now, I would suggest that the mainstream media has three of the four covered pretty well – war, conquest, and death. Those that do not believe that we are headed for a civil war that is media-driven have their head buried in the sand. It is conquest that is driving the train and it is almost out of the station. That leaves only death and famine. I’d say that political shootings and home grown terrorism and comedians carrying the bloody head of the President of the United States of America are pushing death’s agenda. As for famine, the public is starving for a good dose of reality, and they are being fed fodder at the hands of those supposedly in the know.

It is past time that those who still have the ability to reason grab the reins and say enough is enough. We have disagreed before and we have come to war before. We know the horror of neighbor against neighbor and the pain of rebuilding a nation. Only, it is not a battle of conscience that will be fought, but, rather, one of conjecture. Make no mistake, we are standing on shaky ground, and the pounding of the hooves in the distance is only emphasizing what we already know. If something doesn’t change, everything is going to change.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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