New Law Will Allow School Personnel To Assist Students During Adrenal Crisis

Earlier this year, lawmakers passed legislation to give school personnel the ability to administer lifesaving medical treatment to Tennessee students suffering from adrenal insufficiency caused by conditions like Addison’s disease.

House Bill 121 permits any properly trained school employee to administer a lifesaving injection as a form of medical treatment to students who are suffering from adrenal insufficiency and are experiencing an adrenal crisis on campus.

Addison’s disease is a life-threatening illness that prevents a person’s body from creating hormones that help it respond to stress. An adrenal crisis can be triggered by an injury, surgery, infection, or even emotional stress. Death may occur without immediate treatment.

One notable individual who suffered from Addison’s disease was President John F. Kennedy. The 35th President of the United States collapsed twice in public because of adrenal insufficiency: once at the end of a parade during an election campaign and once on a congressional visit to Britain.

When children experience a medical emergency like an adrenal crisis and need treatment, every second counts. The passage of this bill paves the way for quicker response times during emergencies by allowing a properly trained staff member to perform a heroic act that will save a life.

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