Magic 8 Ball Says

editorial-logo3For those that are keeping up with such things, the race is already on for some positions in Jefferson County, even though any official action toward announcement is still months away. I always find it mildly amusing, and a little disturbing, that politicians (even those on a local level) only allow post or pre-election good judgment to last a few brief months. It appears that they are almost always in election mode. What is sad is that the contention that comes with the inevitable dog-eat-dog race to the top can have a serious negative impact on doing the people’s business.

The average Joe just isn’t that politically aware or interested. We would just like to see our business taken care of in a way that is less Jerry Springer or Tom and Jerry-esque. If those seeking to hold the high and esteemed offices of our government cannot control themselves for the course of a meeting, how can they control themselves while in office?

I understand that political differences exist. Personally, I have never, ever met a politician that I totally agree with and, likewise, I have never met one that I totally disagree with, and heaven knows that I am no politician. Discord is a part of the political animal. Contrived discord is even more distressing than a legitimate disagreement, because it smacks of dishonesty. Granted, dishonesty seems to be the aftertaste of many elections, and political agendas are as ripe as a September tomato, but that doesn’t mean that the people have to just accept bad behavior. We should treat bad politicians the way we treat bad toddlers. The first time you get a stern warning, the second time you get a lengthy time-out, and the third time we take all the toys away and send you home to bed early.

What can we do with those that are running for an office that isn’t, yet, up for grabs? Well, if manners can be maintained and points limited to those that are meaningful and appropriate, then I say fine. But, if jumping the gun just means more months of embarrassing behavior, then keep it to yourself. Soon enough, we will all be riding the river of political waste right to the election box, and there is no need to paddle that boat before it is time. If the nightmare before the election has already begun, we must all be prepared. No waiting until spring to don the high waders, at this pace we will be knee deep by Christmas. I asked my trusty Magic 8 Ball if it will be a nasty political season, and I got an ominous answer, “I better not tell you now.” Sigh. Never mind. I think I already know.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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