Jefferson County Mayor Palmieri Responds To Budget Chair Comments Regarding Recent VETO

In a release by the Jefferson County, Tennessee Mayor’s Office, July 11, 2017, Mayor Alan Palmieri states:

“Concerning Commissioner Scarlett’s statements regarding my Budget Veto. I believe Mr. Scarlett has the best of intentions although I differ from his approach and positions on a great many of his standings. Without going over each point again separately I’ll detail one item, the number of vehicles in the Sheriff’s operation since Mr. Scarlett brought this item out. Mr. Scarlett said the Sheriff has 80 vehicles.

I have no problem with the Sheriff getting all he can for his department. The Sheriff, rightly or wrongly, tries very hard to get all he can for his department and to do the best he can for the people of our county.

Our Director of Maintenance Garage is responsible for all county vehicles excluding the Highway Department. He tracks each vehicle by vin number, service date, model and make, as well as any other pertinent information. Every department is to provide him with a current list of new, obsolete, and wrecked as well as any vehicle that is to be surplus. He tracks all vehicles for service. Some department heads comply others don’t so his records are only as good as the information provided.

In January I asked our Director of Maintenance Garage for a total of all Sheriff Vehicles. The attached is what I was provided. This is in contradiction to what Mr. Scarlett has said and supports my comments. Is there an error on Mr. Scarlett’s side? Is there one on my side? I have only the information provided at the time it was provided.

I stand by each veto reason I provided.”

In an attachment to the release

To Mayor Palmieri by GW Nowlin Sr.

“Mr. Mayor the best I can tell the Sheriff has !20 cars, trucks & trailers plus 3 boat and 2 motorcycles. I still have not saw all of the new units yet.”

GW Nowlin Sr.

“Cars — 120
Boats — 3
Motorcycles –2

Source: Jefferson County, Tennessee Mayor Alan Palmieri

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