Hot Gifts to Grab Early for Christmas

Christmas in July is finally here, and now it is time to start gathering your list and sitting down to make this holiday season less stressful for yourself. Want to know what the kids will be begging for come early November? What follows is a list of the projected hottest toys this holiday season.

So what gifts are supposed to be on the top of everyone’s list this year? For all ages there are several options this year. Mystery packs and collectables are going to be wanted items again. What exactly is the appeal of mystery packs you may ask? Put simply, kids look forward to not knowing what they are going to get.

Who could forget the hachimals craze last Christmas? According to experts, these toys are supposed to help kids learn about disappointment and dealing with not getting what they wanted or expected. It also is supposed to teach them how to be diligent and organized in socializing with other children. This is especially projected to be seen in the MGA Lil Outrageous Littles, or (LOL) for short. These are surprise balls that kids can peel back the layers of to get stickers, charms, shoes, and even a little doll.

Virtual reality might also be seen under the tree this year, as technology continues to make its way more and more into our homes, forever altering expectations of reality and Christmas. This year IDO3D print shop will be available. This item claims to be able to create clones of items that kids already have in their homes in seconds. Somewhat like a normal printer, this item has the technology to speed up a process that would normally take hours on a traditional printer.

Video games are always a huge hit in the holidays, with dozens of major titles rolling out over the year. The new Xbox One X is coming out this November, and preorders will be a necessity if you are looking to pick one up, so check your local game stores often in the coming months to see if any are available. Virtual reality and gaming are becoming more intertwined by the day, and just about any gamer, young or old, is going to love the hottest new VR games for Playstation or PC. Keep in mind the VR headsets are sold separately from the system!

A Jurassic Park virtual reality headset might also be on your little ones’ wish list this year. This technology allows kids to experience an immense dinosaur experience through a virtual reality headset with included motion controller and an app. Artificial intelligence might also be under the tree in the form of a device that almost works like Amazon’s Alexa. The device will respond to your commands like Alexa, but is kid friendly with built in features, like teaching everything from letters, numbers, words and other educational basics to help them learn.

Other items that are projected to be on the top of everyone’s list are the classic games from your childhood just with a technological twist. Kids are still into creating their own stuff, but now they can personalize it through apps. There is a Digiloom-controlled weaving machine that allows kids to make their own bracelets, headbands, or other textiles. They can personalize their creations with emoji’s, icons and, words through an app that connects to the device. Whatever you end up getting your children, remember the real reason for the season and just know that Christmas can still be merry without breaking the bank or that all-important toy. With tons of deals to be found in this Christmas in July season, now is the perfect time to start preparing!

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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