School Board Adds New Bus Route

A new bus route will be added to the Chestnut Hill area to address student ride times that are beyond the state mandate. Director of Jefferson County Schools Charles Edmonds and Transportation Supervisor Sherry Dotson brought a recommendation before the School Board to add a bus route that would be alleviate a more than 90 minute one way ride time for students that reside on the far side of Chestnut Hill. Though Dotson has worked during her tenure to combine bus routes, she said that adding a route will get the ride time in compliance and will alleviate stress on another bus that is close to being outside the ride time mandate. Dotson said that they are busy certifying drivers for the upcoming school year and that it generally takes about six weeks to get a driver ready to hit the road. Currently, Jefferson County School Bus Drivers receive $85 per day, which places Jefferson County third highest in the state for driver pay, but they do not receive insurance and, according to Dotson, she loses drivers who need insurance coverage. School Board Member Bradley requested that the Board look at incentive pay for drivers at the next Work Session. The addition of the new route came from a motion by School Board Member Solomon, 2nd by Bradley.

The School Board gave the nod to continue the Elementary School Basketball Program, citing it a success, as well as the initiation of a new middle school soccer program. Schools in Jefferson County will be out for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Also addressed at the most recent School Board Meeting were updates on the White Pine School Renovation and Addition Project, as well as the approval of non fund balance impacting budget amendments.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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