Still a Little Batty at the Hornets’ Nest

When the school year ended last spring, there were still questions as to what would happen with the bat situation that had plagued Maury Middle School last year. It was the intent of the Director of Schools Facilities and Business Affairs, Michael Phagan, to bring a conclusion to the bat problem, which had found infestation in several classrooms and above the ceiling tiles in parts of the school. The school system hired a cleaning company to deal with urine and guano from the bats, and to locate and close points of entry into the school.

Phagan said Thursday that it is believed that the points of entry have been identified and closed, but ridding the school property of the colony of bats has proven more difficult. The bats have taken up residence in the space between the brick and wall, appearing to have no intention of leaving their current abode. He said that no bats have been spotted inside the school for around six weeks, but they are still a presence on the property. Phagan stated that they have been in contact with TWRA, and it is believed that the bats will migrate from their current location in the early fall. At that time, the plan is to seal off the caps that appear to be a possible entry point and try to eliminate any space that might be a potential housing location when the bats try to return later in the year.

According to the Facilities Director, the bat situation has presented a challenge, but, with the appearance that the bats are now out of the classrooms and no longer above the ceiling tiles, it is under control. With their entryway into the school blocked, the hope is that they will hibernate elsewhere as the weather turns colder, leaving the school to the Mighty Hornets.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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