Just Wondering

editorial-logo3Have you ever wondered just when it was that the world went crazy? Maybe I was just busy being a kid and raising a kid and missed the mass exodus of any sense of reason. It seems that we are too often putting the emphasis on things that don’t really matter and overlook the obvious. So, here are some questions that I have. Maybe you know the answers, but these leave me scratching my head.

Why are we so worried about the length of a skirt or dress or pair of shorts? Do we really believe that they have to be to the knee to keep from being a distraction in the classroom? How out of touch do you have to be to not know that it is almost impossible to find clothing in this Amish length? News flash: teenage boys would be distracted by a girl wearing a garbage bag. Who made up this rule?

Also, why in this day and age of technology, and with the current state of school-related incidents, are cell phones not allowed to be active on campus? Does anyone really believe that students are using them to look up information or cheat or deal drugs? Seriously. They can do any one, or all three, without the use of cell phones. Remember the 1990s. Cell phones could be a great learning and safety tool, as well. Nothing like changing with the times. Who would have ever thought that education would be so antiquated?

And then, why is the County looking for someone to address ADA requirements in County buildings, when the mandate was for transportation buildings? Do we even have any transportation buildings? It would appear that the letter from the powers that be was misinterpreted as indicating that compliance deadlines were issued for all County buildings, instead of just transportation buildings. It could tally up to be a costly mistake if we start hiring specialists and making long lists. This is not a short skirt question, it actually has dollars and cents attached, and we need to be accurately reading the fine and large print every time.

And lastly, why is it that when election time rolls around, any type of election, it is the signal for age regression and teenage antics? Is it the quality or the quantity that is driving the train off the track? Maybe less of one and more of the other is in order. Or maybe the mantra of the people should be – Behave or We Will Send You Home.

So, keep your short length long, read for content, be good or be gone. Oh, and always silence your cell phone.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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