TVA Begins Drawdown Schedule

It’s the end of summer, and with it comes seeing many of our favorite hang outs transform back into their usual selves. For many lake dwellers around the area, TVA’s annual summer drawdown might be a bit of a summer let down. The lake drawdown operations of TVA are a part of their regular seasonal routine.

TVA explains that the lake drawdown protocol is a crucial and necessary process for the surrounding area. Usually during the summer, the area experiences less rain, which leads to lower lake levels. However, this year, area lakes made it to target elevations due to early and frequent spring rain. This means local lakes have reached the minimum flow requirement needed to keep things going around the dam area. Each year, the TVA initiates lake drawdowns from all area rivers. All of the combined drawdown from each river is brought together and contributed to the Tennessee River.

Over the coming months, we will begin to see a gradual trend down of our area lake levels. For Douglas Lake, the expected initial draw down date was around August 6th. Cherokee Lake’s expected drawdown was around the same time.

Those that will be frequenting the lake over the next couple of weeks should take note of the drawdown schedule. Usual swimming and boating spots might not be as deep as they used to be in the coming weeks, and people could easily get stranded on hidden mounds underneath the water. Be safe and aware of your surroundings over the next several weeks of warm weather to help keep the end of summer a blast for everyone.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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