The Buzzz!!

the buzzz small featuredThe buzz word this week is “equalizing.” With the swarm soon back in the hive, Buzzy Bees in the Know are buzzing that some are already planning for their last lap this term. The low humm is that quite a few of the drones are looking to take flight. The low, low humm is that names are already flying around and at least one is a blast from the past.

And in other buzzz, with both King Bee positions up for grabs, the buzz says that interested drones are keeping an ear to the ground for potential flight risks. Could it bee that the third of three will also bee taking flight later this year? Whispers around the hive say that the powers that bee already have their antennas wagging and it could bee that one looking to cross over is directly related. The seasons are changing, and everything is up for grabs. Buzzzz.

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