James Walker Forney passed away on August 29th, 2017 by natural causes. His daughter, Susan, and beloved pup, Maddie Sue, were by his side.
Jim Forney, also affectionately known as “Keto,” was born in Jefferson City, Tennessee, on March 26th, 1929. His wife, Betty Fite Forney, preceded him in death in 2010. He is survived by his son, David and wife Tracy, his daughter Susan and husband Paul, and six grandchildren, Samantha, Jesse, Stephanie, Logan, Gavin, and Avery.

The following narrative is his own history in his own words:
I grew up and went to grade school in Jefferson City. Finished the 8th grade in 1943. Then went to Tennessee Military Institute in Sweetwater, TN in 1943 and graduated in 1947. Came back to Jefferson City and entered Carson Newman College in September 1947 and transferred to Northwestern University near Chicago in late 1949. Due to the Korean War, and to stay out of the Army, I joined the US Air Force in January 1951 and went to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. There I was drill instructor then to military school in Greeley, CO. Next to Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC. At that time, the Air Force would allow you to return to a college where you could graduate in 6 months so in January 1951, I returned to Carson Newman College and graduated in the summer of 1951. Returned to Bolling and the next year to Japan on a troop ship in 1953. Stationed in Tokyo and held an administrative job there. The war ended and several of us talked the commander into getting a discharge. He agreed and we flew back to the USA and after a week or two in the San Francisco Air Force Base, we got out in January 1954. I traveled to several cities across the country and arrived back in Jefferson City via a train from Washington, DC. No jobs, so back to Grad School at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the Spring of 1954. Finished most of the Grad School work for a MS degree, but got a job offer from Shell in Marketing at $340 a month and a company car. I had met my wonderful wife, Betsey, and we wanted to get married, so we did on December 23, 1955. I went to Shell in June 1955 so we, on December 23rd, left Jefferson City for our new home, an apartment rental in Jacksonville, FL. Those were my two best decisions in life. 37 plus years with Shell and 50 plus years with Betsey plus two wonderful children, David and Susan. They have three children each, so I now have six wonderful, smart grandchildren. It was a great and full life. Everyone should be so lucky.

In closing, Jim was loved and cherished by so many, while he loved and cherished animals like no one else. So in lieu of flowers, please make donations to the animal rescue foundation of your choice or to the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

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