Patriots Succumb to Admirals, 33-6

Staff Photo by Angie Stanley

Staff Photo by Angie Stanley

The Jefferson County Patriots welcomed the Farragut Admirals to Leroy Shannon Field and left a bit downtrodden by the end of the evening.

The number four Admirals were quick to get on the board early in the first quarter with a breakout run. The Patriots were able to block the extra point to keep the game close for most of the half.

The Patriot offence was unable to convert their possessions to points for most of the game, but the defense remained strong throughout the first three quarters. The experienced D-line forced the Farragut offense, who has consistently been a high-scoring powerhouse, to turnover the ball several times, and forced punts due to downs.

Seniors Elijah Dial and Caman Cody, along with junior Issac Workman remained strong throughout the game, and caused Farragut to lose yards throughout most of the game.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, even the best defenses can be worn down if left out on the field for too long.

Throughout most of the first half, the Admirals were only able to penetrate the Patriot defense once, and Jefferson County was able to keep the upset within reach. With 29 seconds left in the half, Farragut was able to squeeze by one more time, but with yet another botched extra point the game was within reach.

Staff Photo by Angie Stanley

Staff Photo by Angie Stanley

The second half tested the defense’s limits, though. The Jefferson County defense was breached once again with 3:03 left in the third, and the Patriots found themselves down 20-0, after a successful two-point conversion by Farragut.

The fourth quarter turned out to be where the demolition began. The walls of the defense had been breached, and Farragut took full advantage, making it to the endzone two more times. The Patriots avoided the shut out after grabbing the ball back from the Admirals, but it was too late for the upset, and Farragut walked away with the win 33-6

The Jefferson County Patriots will be traveling to William Blount High School to face off against the Governors next week. The last time the Patriots took on the 0-3 Governors, Jefferson County came away with the win, 26-17. Kickoff is set for 7:30

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Source: Angie Stanley, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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