Mike Dockery To Run As Independent Candidate for Jefferson County Mayor

Mike Dockery Announces Run As Independent For Jefferson County MayorPhoto courtesy of Mike Dockery

Mike Dockery Announces Run As Independent For Jefferson County Mayor
Photo courtesy of Mike Dockery

In less than a year, Jefferson County citizens will decide once again who is to lead their county. Many things that contribute to our quality of life depend upon this choice. At this time, I would like to offer you my skills and abilities, my commitment and integrity, for your consideration for the position of County Mayor.

Since 1969, I have worked, learned, and lived with the people of Jefferson County. I started my construction business here; I raised my children here. I have put down deep roots in this county and have made my life here.

Public service comes to me as a family value. My mother taught thirty- years in Jefferson and Sevier counties. My father, a D-Day veteran, was Trustee of Sevier County for sixteen years and city councilman in Sevierville for another six after that. Before and after his life in public office, he taught elementary school. Both parents were active in their churches.

Education also comes to me as a strong family value. Both of my parents considered it worth sacrifice. My mother’s family sold their farm in Sager to move to Jefferson City in the 1920’s so that she could attend Jefferson County High School and graduate from Carson Newman College in 1936. My father walked off English Mountain in Sevier County in 1919 to attend Murphy College in Sevierville and later graduated from Lincoln Memorial College in 1933. I, myself, graduated from Carson Newman College.

My professional background has been carpentry and construction.  From laborer to contractor, from carpenter to cabinet maker, the construction industry has been a major part of my life for the last forty-two years. I was selected as Jefferson County’s first Quality Control Inspector after the collapse of Building 8 at the High School. I have recently been appointed to a seat on the Industrial Development Board. Pragmatism, persistence, and the meticulous pursuit of quality have been hallmarks of my work.

These things being said, I firmly believe that to serve the people of Jefferson County, you have to know the people of Jefferson County. Knowing our people has come to me through working with them: in business, in church, in civic and charitable organizations. Sitting down to eat brisket at the Senior Citizens Center, fish-fry’s at churches, barbeque with the Masons, dancing at the Fire Hall—all of these things show me the valuable elements of our community. Working with the Dandridge Scots-Irish Festival, the Mossy Creek Foundation, the Appalachian Outreach summer work crew, you can’t help but learn what is important to the people of Jefferson County. Sit through a meeting of citizens fighting for, or against, an industrial site; or an intrusion on to their private property; or a County Commission meeting discussing the running of the government—you can see where their passion lies.  Knowing the people I want to represent is one of the best qualities I can bring to the job of County Mayor.

In my experience, I have found that people’s wants and needs are relatively simple. People want their children to have an up-to-date education. They want everyone to have a job opportunity. They want government to stay out of their business and, especially, their pockets. They want to feel secure from both criminals and entities that would encroach upon their property rights. And, they want to maintain the natural beauty of our county and to restore the “faded glory” of our cities.

As mayor, I will always support programs that enhances the education of our children, young adults, or adults seeking re-training. Knowledge builds self-esteem. High self-esteem reduces crime and drug abuse.  I will support the recruitment of new industry as long as it is compatible with our communities and our environment. Earning a decent wage in our county should be available to our citizens without defacing or polluting our habitat.  I will support the development of local businesses and entrepreneurs. These are our people, serving us, and employing us. I will support the property rights of all citizens of Jefferson County and will support their demands to have the services expected by any tax payer to be provided equally to all, no matter how distant. I will support, and lobby for, those measures that will carry high speed internet (broadband) to be available throughout our county.  The internet is our path to a better quality of life.

Above all, as mayor, I will always work for improving the life style of all residents of Jefferson County, because the best of life styles is what we deserve.

Source: Submitted by Mike Dockery

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