Building A Better Future Holds First Of Four Town Hall Meetings

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce hosted the first of four town hall style meetings to address the vision of citizens for Jefferson County. Building a Better Future, a program that previously helped bore the Economic Development Alliance, has now lived out its projected distance and members of the Chamber of Commerce are looking for new ideas and a new direction for Jefferson County.

The Tuesday evening meeting took place at Maury Middle School and was facilitated by a representative from the Chamber of Commerce with assistance from the Jefferson County Youth Leadership Class. Elected officials, Chamber Members, IDB Board Members and citizens totaling around 50 in number discussed several topic areas over the hour plus meeting. Of great interest to the largest majority of the group was Broad Ban internet service. Most in attendance touted balance as a goal for the future, meaning bringing in some new business while keeping the feel of the area the same. Recreation, on a broad scale and as an economic booster was mentioned several times as a avenue for future revenue. Most wanted some accountability in education to produce an educated workforce and some were interested in bringing in senior focused industry to the area.

The Town Hall style meetings will continue on October 19, 2017 at White Pine School at 6 pm. The community is encouraged to attend and make their voice heard.

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