Dandridge Bridge SR92 (Blue/Green Bridge) Blasted Thursday Morning – Video

The Dandridge (SR 92) Bridge was originally built by the Nashville Bridge Company between 1942-1944. The Dandridge Bridge is vital in that it provides a direct route from the city of Dandridge to the residents of the Chestnut Hill area. The replacement of the existing bridge was let to contract on October 16, 2015. The contractor of the new Dandridge bridge is Simpson Construction Company, Inc. and they submitted a bid price of $29,106,151.81, which is to be completed by April 15,2019. The new Dandridge bridge will feature a total width of 52 feet. (The old Dandridge bridge deck width is 18 feet.) The new Dandridge bridge will consist of 12 lanes, 10 foot shoulders, and a 5 foot sidewalk. There is traffic on the new bridge at this time.  Blasting of the center span happened today at approximately 9:30am and subsequent blasting of the other spans will take place later in the year. After the center span is blasted, the contractor will use cranes to remove the old bridge sections out of the lake and load onto trucks to haul off. A section of the steel will be donated to the city of Dandridge to commemorate the old bridge.

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