It’s Raining Men

editorial-logo3It is raining men. No, really, they are pouring down from positions of importance in nearly every field and tumbling down the mountain of economic hierarchy, where the rich and powerful work and play. I say that tongue-in-cheek but the truth is that it is open season on men and they are finding themselves on the wrong side of the pink slip, due to accusations about actions that could be more than a decade old. Some will say that it is a long time coming. but am I the only one that finds it strange and unsettling that women are suddenly a part of a movement to out the sexually inappropriate and yet there appear to be no rules for the outings?

Should any person use their position to impose sexual advances on another? Well, no. Of course not. But let’s be clear here. Saying or suggesting something inappropriate is not the same as physically assaulting someone. If you tell me a dirty joke or make a sexual suggestion, I have the ability to walk away. Do I need my job? Sure, I do, but I still have the ability to walk away. Life is about choices. I am certain that some of the men that have recently found their actions outed need to be called on the carpet. However, it seems to me that some of the indiscretions might not have been so heinous at the time and it is only in this heightened atmosphere of political correctness that they are charge worthy. Frankly, I would have a difficult time defending actions that are several years old, especially if I don’t personally see the action as out of line. Did I say something that made you uncomfortable? My question would be why wait until now to come forward? If the action is so impacting, it should have warranted immediate reaction.

I assert that some of the women that are making accusations were not above using whatever opportunity presented itself to further their careers. Are all women advancing from a prone position? Absolutely not. But for as many inappropriate men that rise to power, there are equal amounts of inappropriate women that will willingly play giggle and pat for a shortcut to the top. Questionable actions know no gender. It is not fair to change the rules of the game in the fourth quarter because it benefits you now.

In a perfect world, sexual pressure does not exist in the work force. In the real world, sex, power, and money drive the hunt for prosperity and advantage. Nothing new, it always has. Real sexual harassment does exist, but I seriously doubt that it is what is driving this movement. Dirty old men and dirty young men do exist in the work place. So do dirty women of all ages and opportunistic women of all ages. Yes, it is uncomfortable to be uncomfortable, but it is not rape, and we should never, ever confuse the two. It it time to reassess the parameters of sexual harassment in this ever-changing world where it is difficult to even define a person by their gender, little alone their sexuality. In most states, the statute of limitations for rape is between three and ten years for an adult. We need some parameters for bad behavior that are not limited to the complete destruction of lives and careers. There are degrees of sexual harassment, and there should be an appropriate time limit for accusations. There will always be those that break the rules on both sides. Accusations should require proof, and sexually inappropriate behavior should have consequences. And, in this country, we are innocent until proven guilty.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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