Young Inventors Gear Up for the VEX Robotics Competition at JCHS

More than 100 leading middle and high school students and mentors from Tennessee will unite at Jefferson County High School on January 13th 2018 for the 2017-2018 VEX Robotics Competition game, In the Zone. The action-packed tournament will feature more than 20 teams who will compete with and against other schools in a series of back-to-back robotics challenges. Participants will compete for the championship title by strategically executing the 2017-2018 VEX Robotics Competition game, In the Zone, driving robots they designed, built and programmed using VEX EDR. The 2017-2018 VEX Robotics Competition game, In the Zone is played by stacking cones on goals, by scoring cones on mobile goals in goal zones, by having the highest stacks, and by parking robots.

This event is one of a series of tournaments taking place internationally throughout the year. VEX Competitions are recognized as the largest and fastest growing competitive robotics programs for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and college aged students around the world. VEX Competitions represent over 20,000 teams from 45 countries that participate in more than 1,500 VEX Competition events worldwide. The season culminates each spring, with the highly-anticipated VEX Robotics World Championship, uniting top qualifying teams from local, state and international VEX Robotics events to crown World Champions.

It’s eye-opening to see the robots these students design, build and program each season to compete in the game-based engineering challenge. The VEX Robotics Competition provides kids with an engaging hands-on learning experience that instills a passion for STEM, and teaches them how to become critical problem solvers, which will serve them well into their future.

The VEX Robotics Competition is managed by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation and serves as a vehicle for students to develop critical life skills such as teamwork, leadership and project management, honed through building robots and competing with like-minded students from the local community.   The REC Foundation seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on, sustainable and affordable curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the U.S. and internationally. Its goal is to provide these programs with services, solutions, and a community that allows them to flourish in a way that fosters the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for students to succeed in the 21st Century. The REC Foundation develops partnerships with K-12 education, higher education, government, industry, and the non-profit community to achieve this work so that one day these programs will become accessible to all students and all schools in all communities. For more information on the REC Foundation or the VEX Robotics Competition, please visit,, and

Jefferson County High School is seeking volunteers and sponsors to support this event. Volunteers are needed in many areas and no previous robotics experience is needed. Training for some volunteer roles will be offered on Friday January 12th, 2018 at 6pm. Sponsorships may take the form of monetary contributions, donations of food, or special group pricing at local restaurants and lodging to encourage teams across the state to travel to our school for this event. All event Sponsors will receive promotion at our event. Sponsors contributing at least $100 will have their company logo printed on our field panels. These fields will be used at other competitions throughout the East Tennessee region which will expand your promotion beyond Jefferson County.   If you are interested in helping, please contact Alan Reece at (865) 397-3182 or at

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