Tennessee Highway Patrol Interdiction Plus Team Arrest Michigan Drug Trafficker in Jefferson County

On Monday, February 12, Tennessee Highway Patrol Fall Branch Interdiction Plus Trooper William Connors stopped a vehicle on I-40 in Jefferson County for a speeding violation.  While interviewing the driver, several indicators of criminal activity were present.  Interdiction Plus Trooper Sollie Rabun arrived on scene to assist with a consensual search of the vehicle.

The search of the vehicle and suspect’s luggage uncovered one ounce of heroin compressed in a vacuum sealed bag.  The troopers also located 4,400 pills individually packaged into 44, 100 count pill bags for resale.  Additionally, $1,886 was recovered.  Some of the pills did not appear to be commercially manufactured and were possibly pressed with an unknown substance.   The majority of the pills were identified as OxyContin (Roxycontin).

Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force Officer (DEA/TFO) Erick Gordon was notified and responded to the scene.   Kenneth Young, 37, from Detroit, Michigan was arrested without incident for felony possession of heroin and schedule 2 pills for resale.

Source: TN.GOV

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