Spring Break Fun Not Far Off

With all the illness and winter weather going around lately, it’s hard to image that it will be over anytime soon. Fear not! Spring and eventually dare we say, summer, is on the way in the coming months. Longer days with sunshine and better weather are just around the corner. Why not kick start all that fun and start planning for Spring Break? What follows is an idea guide to make the most of what spring has to offer and make memories to last a lifetime.

Just so you know, not counting days that could be taken off due to snow, Spring Break for Jefferson County is scheduled from March 26 through April 2. The holiday will count for the whole Spring Break along with Good Friday and Good Monday to celebrate Easter. Now that you know when it is now is the time to start planning.

Looking to get away and find some sunshine? There are plenty of traditional beach options that families, singles, and college students can take advantage of. Typical Florida getaways such as Miami, which has an average airfare of $277, and Ft. Lauderdale, which has an average airfare of $285, will give you a typical Spring Break experience. You can soak up some sun with a greater chance of it actually being warm. Obviously there is a very active nightlife for those of age wishing to take advantage of it. Families might be weary because of the flood of college kids descending on these beaches.

A cheaper beach option that might be more family friendly is Myrtle Beach. This area boasts plenty of ocean front hotels, with 60 miles of beaches and it’s also great for budget conscious travelers. Plus the max time for the trip is 8 hours or less if the getaway needs to be just for a weekend or even shorter. Spring Break prices vary but can be as cheap as $60 to $80 per night.

Staying a little closer to home but still want to get away? Explore Nashville. The city is boasted on several Spring Break cites as one of the best getaways. There is plenty of live music, museums and famous restaurants to try. You never know what you might find in the Music City. Bonus it’s only a couple of hours from home.

Asheville might also be another great options this Spring Break. The city itself is only 2 hours form us here in East Tennessee. There are plenty of museums, places to eat and shop and let’s not forget the Biltmore. Prices to get into the house vary depending on the day and season but usually are about $60. Ashville also offers the Blue Ridge Mountains, for hiking, a great arts scene or tours around the city. The options are endless.

If you are staying close to home there are still plenty of great options. A fun day trip might be to go to Main Event in Knoxville. The complex hosts entertainment of all kinds from bowling to a multi-level lazer tag and over 100 games with food. Plenty to entertain the kids, or your friends all day.

If you are at home you can spend this Spring Break cleaning the house, or earning some extra cash by babysitting or offering a helping hand or you can spend some much needed quality time with your family. Whatever you decide to do make the most of your time and the weather and remember that winter will not last forever and that spring is just around the corner.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Staff Writer