Beau Tucker Announces Candidacy for Jefferson County Trustee

Beau TuckerBeau Tucker announced he is running for the office of Jefferson County Trustee in the upcoming May 1st Republican Primary. “I’m excited and honored to announce my candidacy for Jefferson County Trustee. I have the experience, leadership skills, professional expertise, and integrity to be your Jefferson County Trustee.

The county trustee’s office serves the citizens of Jefferson County in three major ways: collecting county property taxes, accounting for and dispersing county funds, and investing idle county funds. Additionally, the trustee must work with a large budget and keep an accounting of bills and payments to the county. I have many years of experience creating and managing large budgets, meeting payroll, investing funds, and basic accounting principles. All of which are also essential to running the county trustee’s office. I was the manager for Lakeway Broadcasting. It was my responsibility to create a large annual budget for the station, keep an accurate accounting of all billings and station revenue, and disperse funds for station expenses, including payroll and all government taxes and fees. These are all also duties of the trustee’s office. As the manager for Lakeway Broadcasting, I handled all issues pertaining to personnel. Those included evaluating job performances, hiring personnel, and ensuring policies and procedures were followed. The trustee must also be able to manage personnel effectively and run an efficient, professional office. In my current job as a city planner with Old Dominion, I am directly responsible for the safe, on-time delivery of millions of dollars in freight each month. It involves both short- and long-range planning, and allocating resources efficiently. I have more than 10 years of invaluable, on-the-job fiscal management, personnel management, and business experience.

As trustee and a county office holder, it is that person’s duty to run an efficient, financially responsible office in accordance with standard government accounting procedures outlined by the state auditors. As Mayor of the City of New Market, I have gained vital experience in creating annual budgets, working with the state comptroller’s office regarding audits, investing city funds, and government financial procedures. Under my leadership, city leaders now meet on a regular basis and have access to financial reports that are completed in a timely manner. Also as Mayor, I have worked diligently to obtain much-needed vehicles and equipment for the city at little or no cost to the City of New Market or its citizens.

Both my wife, Lori, and I have lived and worked in Jefferson County our entire lives. We’re both proud graduates of Jefferson County High School and members of First United Methodist Church in Jefferson City. My wife, Lori, teaches fourth grade at White Pine School and we’re expecting our first child, a son, in May. I have a B.S. in business management from Tusculum College. I’m a member of several local and national organizations: Tennessee Government Finance Officers Association, the National Federation of Independent Business, Jefferson County Livestock Association, Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, New Market Planning Commission, Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association, and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. I was also appointed by Governor Haslam to the Victory 2012 Committee and served as chairman over the entire east Tennessee region. The citizens of Jefferson County deserve a trustee who has respect for the past and energy and vision for the future. I believe I’m the right person for the job. If I’m elected, I pledge to give you a trustee’s office that is accessible, courteous, professional, and financially responsible. As a life-long republican and past chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party and past vice-chairman of the Tennessee Young Republican Federation, I respectfully ask for your vote and support in the upcoming May 1st Republican Primary.

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