Tense Meeting Proves No Interest in Changing Jefferson County Boundaries

The Jefferson County Commission met for their Regular Voting Meeting last week and, though there were other items of interest, an old topic facing the commission took the majority of the meeting time. Residents from Parrotts Chapel who are interested in succeeding from Jefferson County to become a part of Sevier County were out in force to, again, plead their case. Though the item has come before the county commission in several forms, local residents of the Parrotts Chapel area have vowed to revisit the item in as many meetings as necessary until they get the action that they are seeking. 21 citizens from that area requested to speak to the county commission, and the Chair negotiated one representative with a 20 minute time allocation. Later, under New Business, Commissioner Dockery and Commissioner Seals brought a resolution to reduce county boundaries. The motion failed 13-7.

A request from the Patriot Hills Neighborhood Association for the county to fund a traffic study for a potential turning lane died for lack of a motion. Commission addressed the issue and determined that it was under the city limits of Jefferson City and would be under their purview. Several budget amendments were brought on recommendation of the budget committee and were approved. The county commission also installed CARE as the management for the county animal shelter and approved start up funding in the amount of $81,000.

In other business, they approved several items for surplus, approved the litter grant, and requested more information from local attorney Richard Tally on a class action opiods law suit. They also hired a new County Commission Secretary, Ms. Lawrence, to fill the position vacated several weeks ago by Peggy Mitchell.

Chairman Tucker requested that $1 million dollars in road funds be set aside over the next three years to address the needs in Parrotts Chapel. Mayor Palmieri was requested to reach out to Sevier County for a response on Parrotts Chapel’s request, just as an item of information, and EMS will give a report to the county commission of the service for that area.

Source: K. Depew, News Director