The Buzzz!!

the buzzz small featuredThe buzz word this week is “debate.” The budgeting hive met last week and doled out some additional pollination to one wing of the rescue bee, but Buzzy Bees in the Know are buzzing that one dip in the honey jar may not bee enough when there are other drones waiting for their turn. The low humm is that a big increase request could bee more than the swarm is willing to go and some have antennas wagging. The low, low humm is that one good deed doesn’t always deserve another and alignment in the early game could be problematic.

And, in other buzz, as things heat up on the election front all eyes are on the King Bee positions. The buzz says that the King of the DOE hive should bee placed this week and, while the local swarm is looking for one of their own, even the paperwork isn’t enough to call it a done deal, as one on the outside of the inside is trying to create a sticky enough situation to take a pass. Look for the heat to turn up this week as the 2018 Primary Debate comes to the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse on Thursday, April 5 at 6:30 pm. Bee there or bee square! Buzzzz.