Ways to Keep Ahead of Pests for the Spring Season

With warmer temperatures arriving in the coming weeks, insects are awakening and becoming more prevalent around the area. When dealing with the creepy crawlies and winged beasts most of us follow a “don’t bother them and they won’t bother you” policy. What about keeping them away from the house? In this article we will explore tips and tricks to keep you bug free this spring and summer.

A good place to start for keeping pests out of the house is outside. Experts recommend blocking their entry to your house by doing a simple, but throughout, inspection. Check all screens for holes and, obviously, repair the ones that you find. Use screen mesh sizes of at least 200 holes per square inch, which are generally available at most home stores. Check around your doors and windows for gaps and replace window stripping as needed.

Another good place to inspect is the exterior of your home. Check for cracks, crevices, and gaps. Pests can easily enter through any of these places if they are not properly cared for. Home experts recommend also checking for foundation cracks, loose siding, missing roof shingles, and gaps around utility lines, including pipes, electric cables, and wiring. Seal any opening with copper mesh, steel, metal, or mortar.

Make a point to check the sides of your home for any nests that might contain bees or wasps. Checking cracks and crevices gives you an early start at prevention so that these creatures might not make their home in or around yours. Remember, you cannot destroy a honeybee hive, but you can prevent them from getting inside your home!

If you happen to find a nest there are several home remedies that you can try to lure the insects away so that the nest might be safely removed. Peppermint and other essential oils, as well as planting insect resistant plants, can be an asset. If you are unsure or you don’t want to try your hand at home remedies, a pest control service can always be called to help.

Experts also recommend keeping your yard and surrounding areas around your home free from standing water. Standing water is a big attraction for mosquitoes, as it makes for the perfect breeding ground. Another tip is to keep your home free of trash or litter. Ensure that trash cans have tight fitting lids that cannot be easily opened or knocked over.

Inside, make sure that you are regularly cleaning your kitchen. It is essential that you wipe down counters, sweep floors, and put away food immediately. This is supposed to be accompanied by taking out the trash regularly. Also, it might be a good idea to eat those fruits and vegetables sooner, rather than later. If you let them over ripen, there is the possibility of attracting fruit flies.

Lastly, make sure that you aren’t accidentally letting the creepy crawlies hitch a ride inside unknowingly. Regularly check lawn and porch furniture, along with porch swings that are close to the house. Make sure that they do not contain cob webs or egg sacks. Clear any that you might find. Keep designated toys and cushions outside to prevent insects from accidentally getting in. Follow these tips to help keep your house bug free this upcoming season!

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer