Early Voting Begins

Jefferson County jump started the voting process last week as early voting began on April 11, 2018 for the May 1, 2018 Primary Election. While historically Jefferson County has split the election day and early vote tally nearly equally, that was not the case in 2014 for the Primary Election cycle where early voting numbers outshone election day totals. This week Jefferson County voted 1281 in early vote and 71 in absentee votes for a total 1382 over the four day voting period.

Wednesday, the first day of early voting, was the second largest day of voter turn out with 321 voters turning out to cast their ballots. The largest voting day, as of press Monday morning, was Friday, April 13, 2018 when 410 voters made their way to the election polls. Overall turnout for Jefferson County for the May Primary Election Cycle is historically slightly north of 8,000 votes cast in the early voting and election day Primary. Extenuating factors, such as weather, and predictable factors such as contested local elections, influence the number of votes cast in any election.

It remains to be seen if Jefferson County will continue the 2014 trend of early vote over election day voting or if it will return to a relative split in election day and early voting totals. Early voting will continue until April 26, 2018 and Election Day voting will be on May 1, 2018.