The Buzzz!!

the buzzz small featuredThe buzz work this week is ethics. The head governmental hive met last week and Buzzy Bees in the Know are buzzing that a sticky situation could have been even stickier if some of the swarm had been successful. The low humm is that all is not always what it seems and sometimes opening a nest of nasty can have unpredictable and anaphylactic reactions. The low, low humm is that it isn’t only yellow jackets that both sting and bite without warning.

And in other buzzz, the buzz says that the timeliness have antennas wagging and at least one King Bee is mad as a hornet to bee the second to know. Pressure on the drones will bring some in the DOE hive to share and share alike, despite the hierarchy. Look for more questions than answers from one as the magnifying glass focuses on the present and the not so distant past. Buzzzzz

Source: K. Depew, News Director