Finally, It’s Warm!

After what has seemed to be the coldest, dreariest, and wettest winter East Tennessee has had in a long time, the sun has finally returned.

A brief warming period in February got the hopes of many stirring for an early spring, but winter sent back a harsh reminder that it wasn’t quite ready to let go. The remainder of February and March dumped a total of 13.42 inches of both rain and snow, and along with it came lower than normal tempratures.

April didn’t bring much hope with a warm up, acting much like an East Tennesse March. Windy, Wet, and almost 4 degrees below adverage, the Easter season brought chilly days and cold nights.

What we have seen in the past couple months is just a small price to pay, though, for May is here in all its wonderfulness!

The extra rain we have recieved has proven to be beneficial, as during the late spring and summer months lakes and rivers are such a vital part of recreation in Jefferson County.

The lake life has returned. Fishing Tournaments are now kicking off with the greeting of full lakes. Cherokee is reporting at 4 feet below full pool, and Douglas is reporting at 2 feet above, and both are still filling. This past weekend, Douglas Lake welcomed The State Collegate Championships. Cherokee Lake will be welcoming Bass Masters Collegate Series this coming weekend. Boating enthusiasts from all over the area are looking forward to the weekend, also, which will be bringing plenty of sun and tempratures in the upper 80’s to low 90’s.

Thankfully, we do not have to own a boat to take advantage of the beatiful lakes we have been blessed with. TWRA has several maintained fishing and camping areas, also there are many new privately owned areas that are now open for the season. The Town of Dandridge now has a boat dock and fishing pier that offers breathtaking views of Douglas Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains that is free to the public.

There are plenty of opportunities for folks in Jefferson County to go out, warm up, and enjoy the sun that has been hiding for so long. What are you waiting for? Go out and play!

Source: Angie Stanley, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer