Go Hug Your Dad

editorial-logo3This is always a strange time of the year for me. Six years ago my father passed away and my life changed forever. As adults, it is hard to imagine just how impacting the death of a parent can be; after all, it is not like you still live at home or need the wisdom of their year’s of living to help you forge your path in life…or is it? I consider myself to be fairly self sufficient but I really miss the advice of my Dad. He had a different view of life. He saw things from a different perspective, one that I really didn’t fully appreciate until I couldn’t turn to him for advice on the “big” things.

So, in honor of my father and because I believe that his words of wisdom are worth repeating, I offer you life according to my Dad.

Not everyone is alike and that is just fine. Not everyone is cut out to be president or CEO but that doesn’t make what you are cut out to do any less important. Find what you love and pour yourself into it. Not every student needs to go to college. Be fair and honest with yourself and then go after your goals.

A little humor goes a long way. Laugh at yourself as much as you laugh at world.

Be serious when it is time to be serious and then give yourself a break.

Don’t judge people, judge actions. We all deserve a chance to be more than we are right now or we were back then.

Be creative. Think outside the box and never be afraid to make a decision. If you are right, great. If you are wrong then you can fix it.

Acknowledge the talents of others and encourage them to use them. Everyone, including you, benefits.

Never pass up the opportunity to love an animal. They are sometimes your very best friend.

Don’t sweat what you can’t change. Deal with it and move on.

Don’t ever expect others to stand up for you or you will be often disappointed. Stand up for yourself, even if it is hard.

Never discount what is important to someone, even if you don’t understand it.

Enjoy your friends and never miss an opportunity to toast their accomplishments.

Treat life’s set backs like inconveniences rather than deal breakers and that is what they will become; simple inconveniences.

Don’t underestimate the power of a really great card. They can speak volumes.

Love your family. Love your family deeply and they will know it.

Sometimes a really good day involves nothing but watching the squirrels play outside the window. It is all about perspective.

When I get too emotional and weepy I can hear his voice telling me to get over it and get on with it. I get it Dad. And I will. Six years is a long time and six years is nothing. If you can, go hug your dad. And if you can’t, well, you know what I mean.

Source: K. Depew, News Director