DAR Hosts Martha Dandridge Washington Birthday Luncheon

DAR MDW Birthday Luncheon 3Sixty guests attended the Martha Dandridge Washington Birthday Luncheon given by the Martha Dandridge Washington Chapter (MDW), Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), at the Glenmore Mansion in Jefferson City on June 2.

MDW Regent Jane Chambers welcomed the guests in the Grand Hallway for the 287th birthday celebration of our nation’s first First Lady.

Glenmore volunteer docent Dale Stanton treated the attendees to a guided tour of the elegant Victorian mansion which was built in1868-1869 by John Roper Branner, President of the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia Railway, and later owned by Milton Preston Jarnagin. Guests were able to stroll through the beautifully appointed parlor, library, dining room, ballroom, and bedrooms and learn the history of the families who once inhabited the stately home.

Following the tour, Craig Starnes greeted everyone in the persona of Martha Dandridge Washington, the first First Lady of the United States.  After she descended the Grand Staircase, she entertained the guests with her charming monologue about her enchantment with beautiful shoes and about designing the shoes she wore for her wedding to George Washington.

Next, guests dined on chicken salad and croissants, pumpernickel tea sandwiches, broccoli salad, and frozen fruit salad.  Five kinds of cakes were served including chocolate pound, wet coconut, banana pudding, key lime, and Louisiana crumb. Beverages included summertime tea, lemonade, and orange infused ice water.DAR MDW Birthday Luncheon 2

Smiles were the order of the day for both guests and hostesses.  Along with the Luncheon Committee Co-Chairmen Karen Chambers and Jane Chambers, MDW members who greeted, prepared food, served, decorated, and took part in the program included Janet Chumney, Caroline Mitchell, Jamie Snyder, Craig Starnes, Kim Williams-Clabo, Wendy Randolph, Susie Jarnagin, Karen McFarland, and Jane Busdeker.

Anyone interested in membership in the DAR may contact Registrar Karen McFarland (865) 258-8670 or mcfarland933@gmail.com or Regent Jane Chambers (865) 591-3857 or sjchambers62@hotmail.com.