Practice What You Preach!

editorial-logo3It is very easy to want things. For instance, I hear politician after politician rattle on about how we need to increase sales tax in Jefferson County. More business equals more revenue and that is the truth. Not only for sales tax but, as importantly, for livability we need more in Jefferson County. What really sticks in my craw is that the words and deeds do not go hand in hand. I really try to frequent new establishments inside Jefferson County and I am nobodies idea of a politician. Should those that seek posts that control the county coffers and point the direction to the future not have some small buy in their community?

How many times have new businesses opened and not one decision maker stops by to offer well wishes or make a small purchase? When I meet new business owners, I try to inquire if the local officials have dropped in and more often then not the answers is no. It takes very little time or effort to be supportive of the mom and pop’s that keep the economy moving. Instead of taking their dollars to a neighboring county maybe a few of them could try and help out the little guys at home. Now that being said, there are some that are very supportive with their time and money. Thanks to them for seeing the big picture and putting their money where their mouth is , not to mention their constituents live.

We talk a really good around here but when it comes time to put some skin in the game, it would be nice to see our elected officials leading the charge. After all, shop small and local should be more than just a mantra, it should be a way of life. Businesses generate sales tax and sales tax helps the people of the community pay the bills of the community. Well, that is if the businesses make any money and that all comes back to community support, which should begin at the top.

Source: K. Depew, News Director