The Buzzz!!

the buzzz small featuredThe buzz word this week is Bill. The head governmental hive has been knee deep in pollination quandary and Buzzy Bees in the Know are buzzing that at least one drone has raised the antennas of the swarm. The low humm is that the questions may bee fine but accusations should bee swatted down like a fly in the kitchen. The low, low humm is that decisions of one new bee have some wondering if one sticky situation will follow from place to place.

And in other buzzz, quite days can make for strange decisions, especially in the shadows. The buzz says that time may not bee the friend of some drones but those waiting in the wings need to bee more sure than just a good guess. Look for one newly anointed King Bee to make his way to town and for some in the DOE hive to bee up to their same old same old with a new twist. Buzzzzz