CARE Awarded $25,000 Grant for Dog Park

Honey Miller, President of C.A.R.E. today announced she is proud and grateful for the $25,000 grant we were awarded by Boyd Foundation Dog Park Dash Grant. I sincerely appreciate the local support we received in applying for the grant.

CAREfree Dog Park will be located adjoining the present Animal Shelter. The public utilizing the dog park would be constantly aware of the Animal Shelter, the service provided and their needs, thus having a positive impact on the shelter operation.

CAREfree Dog Park would repurpose land and give value to land that is lying fallow. A win — win situation for the county government, the county’s dogs and the CARE dogs. The repurposing of unused land might encourage and help open the county to considering ways to utilize the remaining acres in a way that would benefit the community such as bike trails, walking trails, and other environmentally friendly activities.