Jefferson County Schools Host Principal Retreat

Jefferson County Schools hosted the entire administrative team last week as part of the annual Principal Retreat. Lead principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, central office supervisors, and the Director of Schools took part in two days of training in preparation for the beginning of school. The meetings were held on Thursday, July 26 and Friday, July 27 at the Patriot Academy.

“It was an exciting time to gather all of our school leadership teams together as everyone is working hard to prepare for the beginning of school.”

The administrative team reviewed information and updates concerning curriculum, school law updates/changes, federal programs, RTI interventions, support services available, technology updates, career technical education, and teacher evaluations.

The group also spent time planning how each school can make academic improvements in schools and as a district. Further discussions will continue as all the results from last year’s testing are analyzed.

“This is a group that puts students first and that is great to hear and see. We are committed to providing a great educational experience for students so we will continue to look at data and then chart a course to get better each year.”

Teachers will return on Wednesday, August 1st.

The first day for students is August 6th (Abbreviated Day).

The first full day for students is August 9th, however rising ninth graders are scheduled to attend the Patriot Academy Wednesday, August 8th.