New Faces, New Points Of View

It will be a new, and not so new, day in Jefferson County come the end of this month. We have a new Sheriff in town, literally, and a new Mayor and a new Director of Schools. In addition, we will have nine new faces on the Jefferson County Commission and one new face on the school board. That is a bunch of new. Like many people, I believe that change is good for growth and inspiration but there is something to be said for a little continuity. Oh, did I mention that we will also have a new Trustee and Circuit Court Clerk. Am I leaving anybody out? Probably. You get the picture. Lots of new faces and new points of views and that is fine. But while we work the wrinkles out how are we going to keep the wheels of our community turning?

Obviously, the residents of Jefferson County are going to have to be a little patient while the powers that be sort out the details. Normally, there are the old heads to refer to when things get a little sticky but the old heads have largely headed home and they may all be incommunicado, except via the coconut telegraph. You can’t blame them. Sun and fun is so much better than the daily grind. But, it is obvious to say that there will be a learning curve and the newbies are in the driver’s seat.

Of course, we know some of the major players because they have been waiting in the wings for their turn but it is much different to play understudy than to be the principal headliner. The countdown has begun and at the end of this month the new/old era will begin. I say that because, just like introducing anything new into your life, there will nearly always be some shifts and changes in what we consider the tried and true. New alliances will be built and old attachments strained. Some will withhold the test but some will go by the wayside. It should be an interesting ride for those participating and an interesting view from the cheap seats.

Congratulations to all the winners in last week’s election and thank you to all that put your name on the ballot, willing to serve. If you were one the 8844 that voted, I say good job. We should all make it a point to stay involved in the daily workings of our government. Join me in the cheap seats. The view isn’t that bad and sometimes you learn more than you think you will. The clock is ticking and September is on the way!

Source: K. Depew, News Director