Freshman Commissioners – First Work Session

A new class of County Commissioners took their first steps in public office on Monday, September 10,2018, as the Jefferson County Commission held its first Work Session since the August elections that placed nine new commissioners at the table.

Because officers cannot be elected until the first voting meeting, which will take place next week, Vice Chair Kesterson and County Clerk Herndon presided over the meeting. Newly elected Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts addressed the County Commission and pledged his cooperation in building a well functioning relationship between the Mayor’s office and the full body. Mayor Potts also expressed his appreciation to the staff of the Jefferson County Mayor’s office for assisting in making a smooth transition.

Department Heads and Elected Officials had previously supplied information on their various departments and duties which were a part of the County Commission packet for review. Circuit Court Clerk Kevin Poe addressed the County Commission and discussed the highlights of extensive information that had been submitted to give an overview of his office. Poe also requested the replacement of a part time position that timed out at the beginning of the summer. He stated the necessity of the position for the function of the office and that he will be following proper channels to secure funding for that position.

Two citizens and one County Commission spoke at the Work Session. One citizen informed the County Commission that a new 501c3 has been established to encourage spay and neuter of animals in Jefferson County to help control the animal population. One citizen spoke about Parrots Chapel area in the same vein that has been extensively covered by multiple residents of the area at several previous meetings. Commissioner Reed, newly elected County Commissioner from the 10th district, addressed the position of Chair of the County Commission. Reed stated that he did not favor the sitting Mayor as the Chair of the County Commission and that, with 21 County Commissioners they should be able to find someone to serve as chair.

Next week the County Commission will be charged with surplussing items, as well as some budget amendments. Several former County Commissioners and elected officials will be honored at the voting meeting for their years of service. The meeting of the full body will be Monday, September 17 at six thirty in the evening at the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse

Source: K. Depew, News Director