Scarlett Elected Budget Chair

The Jefferson County Budget Committee hosted their first meeting,following election of a new cohort of County Commissioners, preceding the meeting of the full body Monday evening, September 10, 2018.

While most of the agenda consisted of the items that were in the nature of general housekeeping, including the passage of school and county budget amendments, the committee did elect officers. Commissioner Scarlett will return as Chair of the Budget Committee. Scarlett is a familiar face at the helm of the Budget Committee, as he has held the position of Chair multiple times in his years of service on the County Commission. Another returning commissioner, Steve Douglas, will serve as Vice Chair and newly elected commissioner Marcus Reed will serve as Secretary. All three positions were elected by affirmation.

Jefferson County Finance Director Potts informed the Committee that roll over funds from the last fiscal year came in stronger than anticipated due in large part to fee offices and other unpredictable sources of revenue. To balance the fiscal year 2018/19 budget the Budget Committee had voted to use funds incoming from the hospital lease fund, to cover a little more than $800,000 in budget deficit. The previous Budget Committee further directed that any roll over funds go against the budget deficit to lessen the amount that would be taken from the hospital lease fund. Currently, Jefferson County receives around $750,000 annually for lease of the hospital. That money goes into its own account and, as of the last fiscal year, had accumulated more than $6 million dollars in the fund. Because the County roll over was just north of $800,000 those roll over funds were applied to cover the budget deficit, leaving the hospital lease fund untouched. It will increase by $750,000 for a total of nearly $7 million dollars for the current fiscal year. Potts also informed the Budget Committee that the Department of Education will roll over nearly $900,000 further cushioning their fund balance which was already $1.5 million dollars above the required minimum.

Source: K. Depew, News Director