Happy Fall, Y’all!

It has been a long hot summer full of scorching heat, thunder and rain and a few tropical storms. For those of you looking for a relief from the heat be comforted that fall is just around the corner. Saturday September 22, 2018 is the start of the fall equinox and also happens to be the first day of fall. The fall equinox will start on the first day of fall at 9:54 pm. Get your pumpkin spice ready, what follows is a brief explanation of the upcoming equinox.

The equinox does not have a fixed date every year rather the date can move anywhere from September 22 through September 24th. The actual event happens just before the September Harvest Full Moon which occurs on September 24th. When the moon is in the full phase of the lunar calendar it will light up 100 percent. This means a spectacular show in the night sky.

Just in case you forgot, during the equinox there is an equal amount of day and night (about 12 hours each on both side). This is the result of the sun being directly above the equator. This will ultimately lead to longer nights and shorter days rocketing us to the shortest day of the year and the winter equinox which takes place on December 21st, 2018.

Some good news coming out of this is that while fall will be here in spirit, and everyone can now drink pumpkin spice things to their content, we will still have warm weather. As summer might linger just a little bit longer. The result is beautiful colors and fall foliage and some Insta-Worthy pics for your timeline.

Use this as a celebration of change and all the wonderful things that are yet to come. Believe it or not Halloween and all of our other favorite holidays will be right around the corner. We have football and fall weddings to look forward to along with pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, bonfires and other activities that make this season unique. Happy Fall Ya’ll from all of us at the Jefferson County Post!

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer