Hawkins Hits 1000 Yards for Season in Homecoming Win

Jefferson County High School hosted the William Blount Governors for the Homecoming 2018 game Friday night.

The opening kickoff set the tone for the rest of the game.  A hard tackle by Patriots special teams caused a fumble, that was recovered by Blaine Garret.  The Jefferson County offense, who played more as a unit this game, drove down the field to the two yard line.  Just under five minutes in to the game, a touchdown by quarterback Tanner Atkins from the two yard line put Jefferson County on the board for the first of many times for the evening.  That would be the only score for the first quarter, as it ended with the Patriots up 7-0.

The William Blount offense struggled against the Jefferson County defense, and due to downs the Patriots regained possession of the ball early in the second quarter.  Suddenly, as if out of no where, an 80 yard sprint by Kris Hawkins put the Patriots on the board once again.  Another good extra point, and the Patriots quickly found themselves rebelling against the Governors to the tune of 14-0.

The hopes of a shut out were quickly dampened, though.  A 36 yard pass by Govs quarterback Clemmer found its way to Prats, putting William Blount on the board for the first time of the evening.

The remaining five minutes of the half proved to be a showdown of the defenses.  The Patriots drove the ball deep in to Govs territory, but was unable to reach the endzone before the halftime break.  The first half ended with Jefferson County ahead of William Blount 14-0.

After the halftime homecoming festivities, the Patriots came back out on fire, setting out to continue the revolt.  The Govs defense seemed to try to tighten up, as did the Patriots, so both offenses struggled to move the ball.  That is, until, Hawkins, in the last minute of the third quarter, drove through 12 yards to make it in to the endzone once again.  The Patriots pulled ahead 21-7 going in to the fourth quarter.

William Blount tried to close the gap early in the fourth quarter, only to have the ball stripped away by Jefferson County’s Isaac Workman to give the Patriots possession of the ball once again.  It would not take long for Kris Hawkins to add another touchdown to his numbers for the evening with a quick rushing drive for around five more yards. The score was now 28-7 in the Patriots favor, and they showed no signs of slowing down.  Less than two minutes later, Jefferson County acquired the ball once again, and for Hawkins to introduce himself to the endzone for the fourth time.  Jefferson County moved the score further away from William Blount, 34-7, and there was still seven minutes to play.

The unrelenting beating by the Patriots continued, and with just under three minutes left in the game, Jefferson County’s Tanner Atkins ran for almost 70 yards in a surprise keeper to even further the score 40-7.  In the final minute of the game, the Governors finally had a successful drive to score, but it was too little too late for William Blount.  The Final score was Jefferson County Patriots 40 and William Blount Governors 14.

Jefferson County had a total of 502 yards, with 119 passing and 383 rushing.

Kris Hawkins added 287 yards to his number, surpassing the 1000 yard mark already in the season, and there’s still four more games to go.

Tanner Atkins also had an impressive game, going 10-14 with 119 passing yards and 102 rushing yards.

Coming up for the Jefferson County Patriots, the Hardin Valley Hawks will be traveling to Dumplin Valley.  The 3-2 Hawks will be the second conference game for the Patriots.  Kickoff is set for 7:30 at Leroy Shannon Field.

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Source: Angie Stanley, Jefferson County Post Sports