It’s Apple Pickin’ Time in Tennessee

It’s apple picking time once again, and bushels of apples are available for those who want to enjoy a farm fresh treat. Local producers are saying that now is the perfect time to take an autumn adventure and visit an orchard for fresh Tennessee apples.

“Depending on the variety of apple, Labor Day to Halloween is the best time to pick,” Alyson Wideman-Terrel of Morning Glory Orchard said. “I think a lot of farmers will remember April 15th and 16th, when the temperature dropped to 29 degrees and froze our cherry and peach trees. Thankfully, our apple trees pulled through the cold snap.”

Despite weather challenges from earlier in the year, Dr. Lockwood, fruit specialist and professor of plant science at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, stated the quality and size of this year’s apples look good. “With several new varieties being grown, plus some of the older, more familiar varieties still being produced, there are a lot of great apples available to enjoy,” Dr. Lockwood said.

Apples have the longest harvest schedule of any fruit grown in Tennessee, giving customers the opportunity to savor a wide variety of flavors over a long period of time. You can find fresh apples on farms, at farmers markets, and in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes across the state.

Whether you’re hoping to whip up your grandmother’s apple pie recipe or you have a desire for homemade apple butter, apple picking is sure to be a fun outing for the whole family. If you need culinary inspiration for your fresh-picked apples, check out the Granola Apple Crisp recipe provided by a local Tennessee business, Blackberry Hills Bakery.

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Source: Jefferson County Department of Agriculture