Happy Columbus Day From The Jefferson County Post

Happy Columbus Day! Millions of Americans will celebrate Columbus Day today, though it actually falls on October 12th, and in response to the federal holiday banks , Postal Service and State, Federal and local government offices will be closed for business. Since 1866 Columbus Day has been marked as the day to recognize Christopher Columbus and his contribution to the discovery of America. The push to acknowledge Columbus came from the Italian American community and it is that community that is working hard in 2018 to make sure that Columbus Day does not fall to a more politically correct or advantageous moniker as they marched in the streets to let their commitment to their ancestor’s contributions be known.

In the mid 1930s Columbus Day became a part of the Uniform Holidays Act which established the celebration of several holidays to the Monday preceding that holiday to assure a long weekend. Since then, Columbus Day has been celebrated on the second Monday in October, often aligning with fall break for colleges and students across the United States. This year, local students will be off of school for two days, Monday October 8the and Tuesday October 9th, before returning to regular scheduled on Wednesday. From the Jefferson County Post, Have a Safe and Happy Columbus Day!