Raise Your Voice – VOTE!

editorial-logo3Another election cycle is beginning this week. I know, it feels like all we have done is vote for the last six months or so but that doesn’t make this election any less worthy of our time and consideration. On a National level, we will be determining who holds our Senate vote and just who will represent us in the House. If you have been anywhere near a television in the past few weeks, you know just how important representation is on the National level. These are the people who will be making decisions that will shape the Nation and they are supposed to reflect the values of the people that they represent.

On the State of Tennessee level, we are deciding who will be at the helm of this great state for the next four years. I will say this to every resident of Tennessee, if you don’t vote then you really can’t complain. The Governors Election Cycle also seats our representatives for the State House. This is where the legislative process meets the local residents and if you don’t believe that the decisions made in the House are important then you simply are not paying attention.

And then there is the local level. Sure, we have already seated the County government but let’s not forget the importance of the municipal government. If you live in the City, any city, you should participate in your local election. This is where the decisions are made that come right to your front door.

At the end of the day, every election is important and deserves serious consideration. Think about just who you want making decisions for you for the next several years and then go out and vote for that person. Election Day is November 6, 2018 but early voting starts this week on October 17 and goes through November 1, 2018. There is plenty enough time to carve out fifteen minutes or so to have a voice in the policies and procedures that impact your life. The way to have your voice heard is to vote for the candidates that listen and share your views and values. Voting is a right. Voting is a privilege. Voting is a responsibility. It takes very little action but has such a great impact to cast your ballot. Make the time. Raise your voice. VOTE!

Source: K. Depew, News Director