Jefferson County Schools Call to Action for Parents – Attendance Matters

Tennessee Requires New Procedures for Students Chronically Absent.

Do you know the positive impact from your child attending school every day?

In Jefferson County Schools, we believe student attendance is critical to academic success—when students attend school they have the opportunity for continuous learning. By attending school without absences, your child has increased academic and social outcomes including better grades, behavior and self-confidence. Students enjoy school more and feel more connected when they attend every day. We are asking parents for your help to ensure that every student attends school every day.

Did you know?
Students who are chronically absent in TN in kindergarten are 15 percentage points less likely to reach proficiency in either Grade 3 Language Arts or math.
Students in Grade 9 who are chronically absent are 30 percentage points less likely to earn an on-time diploma (62% verses 92%).

Harmful effects of poor attendance do not just impact school performance. The harmful habits carry over into the workplace and impact job performance as well.

Beginning this school year, per T.C.A. 49-6-3007, all Jefferson County Schools have begun a 3-tiered process to support students and families with interventions as required by the updated state law. We have joined with Juvenile Court to develop a process that supports families and students with early interventions. The process includes early warning steps in place in our schools to monitor attendance for all students followed by parent phone calls, parent conferences, and support for students in school, referrals to community support agencies for services and lastly Truancy Review Board or Juvenile Court if truancy is involved. Our school counselors are available to provide counseling services to help parents and students address issues that impact attendance.

We do not want your children to fall behind and become discouraged. Please encourage your child to be on time to school and attend every day. If you would like more information regarding attendance supports, please contact your school or our Attendance Officer, Rusty James.

Source: Jefferson County Schools