Tips for Keeping the Ghouls Safe this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and you and your little ghouls and goblins are probably picking out the best costumes and trick or treat bags that will make this celebration the best yet. In the coming weeks it’s not just the tricks and treats parents should find themselves concerned about. Parents also need to take into account the safety of their little people this spooky season. What follows are some safety tips for families and those expecting trick or treaters this Halloween.

Preparing for Halloween should begin weeks before the first piece of candy is ever retrieved. When helping little ghouls pick out their costumes parent need to keep in mind several factors. Costumes need to be a light color so that they can be seen by drivers and others while everyone is out on Halloween night. Also it is important to make sure that children’s costumes are sized correctly and that there is not excessive dragging on any part. This will allow children to avoid slipping and falling. If they do need to be altered, purchase the costumes slightly in advance to have it altered or tailored. Reflective tape might also be a good idea for costumes and bags so that trick or treaters may be seen in the dark by drivers.

If you have a costume with make-up, masks or accessories there are other rules to keep in mind. Make-up should be tested on children’s faces before they go out to make sure there isn’t going to be any allergic reactions or irritations to the skin. Masks should also be checked to make sure that they fit properly and don’t interfere with breathing. In the case of accessories such as swords, knives these should be short to avoid children injuring themselves or others.

Now that costumes and make-up have been taken care of the actual trick or treating may commence. Parents should keep in mind several things while taking their children around this holiday. Children should be reminded to never trick or treat alone but with a trusted adult. That trusted adult should take them to familiar homes in well-lit areas. Flashlights should be used in places where the light might not suffice. It is also important to remind them to travel with their group and never to accept rides form strangers that they do not know. Children should also be reminded to walk and not run from house to house no matter how tempting the treats might be.

Speaking of treats there are several rules to remember before chowing down on all that candy. Adults should examine all treats before they are eaten. Never eat or give children candy that is already open or looks suspicious in nature. In the case of homemade sweets, only accept those from people that you know and trust before giving them to children. Children and adults should also be aware of allergens before given or eating treats.

Expecting trick or treaters this Halloween? One of the best rules to remember before the trick or treaters arrive is to secure animals or if they are outside make sure they are tied properly. Also make sure that your walkway is swept and well- lit to avoid accidents for trick or treaters. If you happen to be out on Halloween night please watch out for trick or treaters. Slowdown in resident areas, take extra time to look for kids and eliminate distractions. Popular trick or treating times are from 5:30 to 9:30 so be especially aware during these times. Follow these tips to have a Happy and safe Halloween.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer